Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reused bakers rack becomes pot rack
& wine rack.
Simple homemade spice shelf.

Lately I have been bitten by the design bug. I can usually look at gorgeous photos in decor magazines and blogs, and think, "that's nice," then go back to my day. However, as you know, I have been painting and re-doing and decorating like mad this past month. Here is my latest.

Before I put up a spice shelf:

After I painted the MDF & put up the spice shelf. Super cute I think. :-)

I didn't remove the labels or stickers on my spice jars, I just turned them sideways. Here is the cinnamon to show you:

Then I had the idea to put up a pot rack. My train of thought sounded kind of like this, "I want a pot rack, but I don't want to buy a pot rack. Hmm... We have an old bakers rack in the basement from our apartment... I could get some chain and hang one of the shelves... It even has a wine rack..."

Before the pot rack/wine rack:

Zoe took a photo of me drilling the holes with my safety glasses on. Very stylish, haha. I made a template of the rack with paper and used a stud finder to find the studs. I could tell if I was correct because most of our basement is unfinished, so I could look at the studs down there to see how far apart they are.

I asked for help at the local hardware store, Budget. The name, Budget, is so appropriate ;-) I got eye hooks, S hooks, and chain that each could support 225 pounds. I could have gone a little lower, but I figured it's better to be safe.

I took a photo of all the sawdust from drilling the holes in the studs.

The finished pot rack/wine rack (I also like to use it for fruit. So pretty.):

Also, I wanted to mention, that's not a mini Christmas tree on my kitchen island. It's a rosemary tree that our friends brought us on Thanksgiving. I replanted it in a slightly larger pot with holes in the bottom, and I water it every other day in the sink. We have been loving all the fresh rosemary for cooking. Cheers, Kelly


  1. 1 - I love the changes you made to your kitchen! I never would have thought it was "missing" anything, but to see the new spice rack and pot rack, I think it looks so complete!

    2 - I killed my rosemary tree :( Now I am going to try to get another, and just replant it! Maybe that will work!


  2. Thanks hon! Sorry about your rosemary though. I had some herbs in those mini ceramic dishes, you know the ones that come with three pots in a row? Anyway, they didn't make it either. I was just thinking about what to put in there next. In retrospect, I think I wasn't watering them enough. That's why I've been watering the rosemary tree so much :-)

  3. Wow Kelly, your kitchen looks great! Even better when materials are reused :) You are so cool!


  4. Hoi Kelly,

    You are very cratief. That is a good character trait.
    Sorry for my English,it isn't super. I translated your blog to google translator. I think my English is better than your Dutch so I'm not ashamed. ( haha)
    You have a beautiful kitchen and I like the plank with herb jars.

    Greetings/groetjes: Aritha.

  5. Bedankt! U hebt gelijk. Ik hou van je blog. Sante, Kelly

    Thanks! You are right. I like your blog too. Cheers, Kelly :-)

  6. What did you make the spice rack out of?