Sunday, March 28, 2010

C'est Moi

Last night I was talking on the phone to one of my best friends, Dr. Murphy. He is part father, part mentor and part friend to Andy and I. In college he taught us Intellectual Heritage, and we have been close ever since. He was there when Andy and I got married, and he was the first person I called when each of our girls were born. Through thick and thin, he has been there. I love him so much.

Andy and his sister got to see Dr. Murphy on their drive to Colorado two and a half years ago, but I haven't seen him in even longer. Last night he asked if I had any pictures of myself online, and I realized that I always post photos of the girls, not me. So today I asked Zoe to take a picture of me, and here it is :-)

In other news, I am busy working on my next cookbook, even on weekends. It seems when you love what you do, it's very hard to stop "working." ;-) This is a photo of a cake and glaze for the next Spunky cookbook. I took it to a baby blessing a week ago, and it got rave reviews, even from half of the crowd who are not on any type of restricted diet. Yay!

Now to have a glass of wine and watch some 30Rock with my love.
XOXO, Kelly

Thursday, March 18, 2010

snacks on the porch
& two new haircuts

I don't know what the weather was like while we were sick all last week, but the past few days since we've been better have been phenomenal. We have been eating lunch and dinner out on the porch.

Also, I gave the girls new haircuts, that I think look pretty good considering I'm not a professional =)
I know this last one isn't a great picture, I just included it so I could show you how I stacked Ashley's hair in the back. It gets really knotted back there, so this is perfect for her.
Well, it may snow tomorrow—that's Colorado for you—short sleeves & flip-flops one day, snowing the next. I absolutely love it =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

40's records & 40's inspired dresses

Andy and I love going to thrift stores and looking for records.
This is our record player (that I bought Andy when we were engaged 8 years ago) from Restoration Hardware. Andy likes to say that the great thing about it is, "It's so low-tech, when the girls break it, I can just open it up and fix it with a pair of pliers." haha

Our 10 year old neighbor came over one day, and when he saw the record player he exclaimed, "What is this thing? You can see it

Check out the great box sets we got last weekend! Half off that day too!

The Swing Years, 1936 - 1946

and The Unforgettable Glenn Miller, 72 of his greatest
Original Recordings

Then I was fortunate enough to find these two 40's inspired dresses on Amazon, and use my Amazon credit to buy them for the girls.

How much do I wish they were my size?!

By the way, the pearls were all Zoe's doing. They look so cute with this dress too.

Here are a few close-ups because I am so crazy about them =)

Really, really wish they were my size... Kind of April Cornell,
but retro ;-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

sand and a mask

It's been too cold yet for the water table, so...
I bought a bag of play sand (for less than $4!),
and tried on the mask my mom sent...
I love how wild and colorful it is =)