Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to make a Clothespin Doll kit

One of our dear friends gave Zoe and Ashley a homemade clothespin doll kit last year, and they have spent many happy hours making dolls with it. So, when Zoe and Ashley were invited to a birthday party this weekend, we knew right away what we wanted to give this creative 8 year old girl =)

The kit includes:

* Some fabric remnants (remember the doll clothes will only be a few inches by a few inches when cut to size, so a little fabric goes a long way)

* Fast Grab Tacky Glue

* An assortment of ribbons and accessories

* Yarn for hair

* Pipe Cleaners for arms

* Clothespins

To make the hair we like to wrap some yarn around our fingers and lay it on a ribbon or more yarn, like this:
(You can also make a thick braid to wrap over the head, which is
cute too.)

Then tie the ribbon in a bow for a ribbon in her hair, like this:

We also included a couple of dolls for examples, like the kit we received last year. Zoe picked out this inexpensive unfinished box with a handle like a purse. Her friend can paint and decorate the box herself. To "wrap" the present we tied a bow around the outside.

I had to show you the card Zoe made too—it's so cute. It's a picture of the tea party they are having for the birthday party:
XOXO, Kelly


  1. That is beyond an awesome gift. I love it! The birthday card is great too - what a great cake she drew!

  2. That has to be one of the best birthday gifts I've ever seen, Kelly! Wonderful collaboration between you all. Especially wonderful card by Zoe. Love all the colors!

    I bet your kit was better than the original kit you modeled it after. I also bet it was very well received by the birthday girl!