Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sewing a purse

Our neighbor gave purse craft kits to the kids at their daughter's birthday party -- what a great idea! Zoe couldn't wait till the next morning to sew her purse. She gulped down some food and went straight to work, very seriously.

She braided the yarn that it came with for the strap, and I ironed the flap just slightly, so it would lay closed.

Here she is later, on our way out the door to see some friends at the park. She put this outfit together by herself, including the sunglasses. Too cute! When she isn't wearing the purse, she hangs it decoratively on her closet door.


  1. Zoe goes from so serious to elated and then becomes a little fashion queen. She's so adorable and the purse is so cute. Nothing like being able to enjoy the fruits of one's labor. It's wonderful that she's learning these lessons and having such fun, Kelly. :-)


  2. LOL You speak like you know her exactly! You're right on! :-)

  3. She did a great job on her purse!

    I am starting a new knitting project with circular needles. It is going to be a "cowl," which until recently I had no idea what that is. I found the pattern for free and the lady is really nice, I already emailed her with a question. It is on Ravelry too. I hope that I can do it! If all goes well, I can certainly share my knowledge with you. Then I will "graduate" onto using my double-point needles.

  4. That's awesome! You will do it! Then you can teach me a thing or two! I'm still on stage one, knit and purl :-)

  5. Hey, I love the new blog! I think I might do a project like that with my son, but a little bigger. He needs something to carry around his "treasures"!

  6. Hey Stacy! I'm so glad you like it!

    We just did a larger one last week that I'm going to post soon. It's a great, quick, easy project too! We just folded one piece of fabric, of Zoe's choice, in half, and she sewed it up along the two long sides. I just ironed the bottom to a point, and then ironed the top "hem" over. Of course the top hem could be sewn too to make it sturdier. Then we sewed a handle so she could wear it like this one.

    Cheers, Kelly