Friday, March 13, 2009

our homeschool couch ;-)

I've been noticing that while most of our friends homeschool in the morning, we've been on an afternoon kick for quite some time now. Zoe and Ashley find so much creative and imaginative play to do in the morning, not to mention arts and crafts, that we've been saving our "work" for after lunch, when they start loosing steam. Zoe likes reading and writing in our journal, so this is a fun and relaxing time. In fact, sometimes she does it by herself. (Sometimes she asks me how to spell words, and sometimes she writes it herself and it's too funny; I'll have to post one of those.)

We all sit on the couch, even Cherry, the dog, and Anna, the babydoll. Ashley has been really starting to pay attention too. She looks at a book of her own, or listens to us, copying what we do. Above she is pretending to read while we read, and below she is pretending to write while we write. (These are my new reading glasses by the way, though I'm wishing I could have bought the cheap-os at the grocery store, rather than these, from the optometrist. I can't stand spending money.)

Here we are again, not actually reading, just using the book as a reference for our narration. Zoe cracks me up with the details she remembers, like exact lines from the book, and names of places, such as Pepin, which I had forgotten. She could also tell me that the candy from Pepin was "heart-shaped" and that the impressions in the snow were called, "pictures." What can I say? I'm Zoe and Ashley's biggest fan :-) 

Zoe adores showing her journal to visitors. Like a photographer documenting through pictures, this book is Zoe's proof of experiences, and things she's learned. And yes, your eyes don't deceive you, Zoe had to wear this clothing ensemble two days in a row, because it was just that fabulous, hahaha!

Does this one really need any words? No.

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