Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fairies :-)

Here are the fairies and the fairy house that I made the girls for Christmas! I'm so excited - I can hardly wait! All Zoe talks about is fairy this and fairy that. She even tried to make some fairies herself with tissue paper. Then, when I was using the computer one day, I overheard her talking to herself, saying, "I hope Santa gets me fairies and a fairy house for Christmas." I don't think she said it for my benefit because she acted like she didn't know I was in the room, and usually she would shoot me a grin if she was being coy.

Anyway, I made the fairies and the house with felt, as you can see. It was not expensive at all to buy the materials, but it did take many hours to make. My awesome husband even took both girls to Whole Foods in Boulder today to get our entire Christmas dinner list, while I stayed home to finish the fairy house. It was cute because he had to call me half a dozen times to ask me questions about different items :-)

The fairy house has a ribbon for a handle so it can be carried or hang on a door knob. Of course it can also be placed on the floor, windowsill, couch, table, you name it. Both the fairies and the house are hand sewn. Even the wings, which are silk flower petals, are sewn on. The only glue I used was to attach the head. Next time I may drill a hole through the wood so I can attach it with yarn, and make yarn hair as well. Or I may give them a hat to cover the hole where it is attached. I haven't decided yet.

And now I'm off to hide my laptop until Christmas, so Zoe doesn't see this post :-) (I will use it after they go to bed however.)
Cheers, Kelly

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