Friday, December 12, 2008

some good moments

It was a very hard day for Ashley. Her behavior regressed more than once. I wonder why. Why those old behaviors reared their ugly heads. Her routine was the same. Her diet the same. Maybe when I'm not trying to figure it out it will just come to me. That's usually how it is. It reminds me though, of how far we've come, and how thankful I am that days like this are few are farther between. We did have some good moments though:

Ashley, snug and happy in her towel.

We decorated and photographed this cake for Andrew's client holiday card. It was so much fun! We even added icing to the wheelbarrow and shovel :-) The gnomes, mushrooms and deer came from Bake it Pretty dot com.

Yesterday we had some homeschool friends over. I thought the moms would drink tea in the kitchen while the kids independently put together these foam gingerbread houses at the table. As soon as we took them out of the box we saw that, at least the framework of the gingerbread houses, would require the moms to assemble. The tea sat on the counter, getting cold, as we laughed at the difficulty of putting the structures together. We watched as they continually fell apart, until, some time later, we realized a glue gun was in order, and sent the kids up to play in the girls room. My friend and I quickly had the houses secure with the glue gun as the kids played together so nicely upstairs. It was great spending time with them. We are so excited they are moving here :-)

Today, after Zoe and I finished decorating our foam gingerbread house, she asked me if I would cut a hole in the back so she could play dollhouse with it. I thought this was genius :-) Then she brought down some of her wooden dollhouse furniture to put inside, and asked me to cut her a "tiny gingerbread woman" to play with inside the house. So cute!

The whole reason we went the foam route was, of course, to avoid wheat. However, I found a recipe for a gluten-free gingerbread house today that I really want to try. It comes from:

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