Saturday, April 10, 2010

my cooking & cleaning fairies, lol

This was so funny I had to make a video this morning =) Off to Boulder to the farmers market. XOXO, Kelly


  1. She sure got dressed up for the job! Very cute!

  2. Adorable Fairies! Wonder how I can entice some fairies to flit about my house? ;-)

  3. Now I know how your home is always so clean and your food always so yummy!

    Oh how your cuties make me smile! I hope to see them (and you) soon!

    I stopped by to encourage you to join in the CHEER Colorado Homeschool Blogger Carnival. I'm enjoying having your blog post on
    I hope you'll join the CHEER Homeschool Blogger Carnival this month... The Year in Review. Here's the link