Friday, April 2, 2010

dancing in their Easter dresses

I took a short video of the girls dancing to their High School Musical Soundtrack. Check out Ashley talking and dancing with Zoe! I'm going to type all the talking during the video, in case it's hard to
understand them:

Ashley: This is fun! It is SO Fun!
Ashley: Look at I made this Mommy! Look, look!
Me: That's great!
Ashley: That's great?
Ashley: Mommy, (I'm) dancing!
Ashley: Look. Can I hold it? Can I hold it?
Me: Yea.
Ashley: Look, I made this. Mommy look. Please read it, Mommy. (read the card)
Ashley: It's for us. It's for us. (the cards and dresses are for Zoe and Ashley)
Zoe: Okay... (now she's borred of dancing... haha)

Have a Happy Easter! Love, Kelly

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