Thursday, December 24, 2009

bedroom re-do sneak peak ;-)

click to see them larger
This is how our bedroom has looked since the day we moved in (well, almost). The walls are what Andy's dad calls, builder's white. The picture is the wrong scale to be over that nightstand. The headboard is beige microsuede, which doesn't go with the quilt or nightstand at all. The lampshade is leftover from when this lamp lived in the girls bedroom years ago... I could keep nitpicking, but I wont ;-)

And here is a sneak peak of the re-done bedroom. It isn't finished as you can see—we haven't finished painting the walls, and I want to paint this gold frame, etc. But I'm really happy with how the headboard came out. I found this Amy Butler fabric on eBay—three yards for 30 dollars. I think that's pretty good for Amy Butler fabric, but it's been so long since I purchased any, that I can't remember what it usually costs;-) I had just enough fabric left over to make two little pillows also. They are just the right size for behind your head, when you're laying in bed.

I found this king size white quilt at Marshall's for only 50 dollars, and with that the bed is done. ...I think ;-) We have a bunch of snow and it's like 20 degrees outside, so we aren't going to finish painting in the foreseeable future, but as soon as it's done I will put more photos up.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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