Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The bedroom re-do is finished! And it's our new favorite spot in the house :-)

To Do List: All checked off :-)

1) paint the walls

2) recover the headboard, and make pillows

3) replace the pictures over the bed side table

4) refinish the gold frame

5) find new candle holders (yay! one dollar on sale at Michael's!)

6) pour clean burning soy wax into the candle holders

7) find a new lamp shade

8) make a pattern to embellish the new lampshade

9) paint the pattern on the lampshade and add ribbon for trim

10) put up cork board (sticky stuff it came with didn't work,
staple gun did)

11) put images up on dream board

12) hang family photos from mini wooden clothes pins

13) write the word believe on the wall below the candles

14) bring in the succulent terrarium we made

Phew! And that doesn't include the desk, which we found on the curb and refinished this summer. I especially love the vintage-looking pulls we put on the desk.


  1. It looks beautiful, Kelly! Love the photo with the three of you on the bed. :-)


  2. Hi! I just found your sites when someone recommended Spunky Coconut in our homeschool group last week, and I have to say, I'm loving them. I wanted to tell you three things. First, you are an AWESOME photographer and I'm very jealous. :-) Second, I'm getting ready to try one of your recipes for my baby's first birthday cake this Sunday. And finally, the picture with your dog in this post *totally* looks like a magazine shot to me. It's worth saying again: you are an awesome photographer!

  3. Thanks Shirley!

    Thanks Julie! What HS group? Are you in CO?

  4. No...I wish! We are in Indiana, not nearly as much sunshine as CO. We belong to a HS group that has several GF and dairy-free families in it, though, so one of them had found your Spunky Coconut site and was spreading the word. :-)

  5. Love the bedroom re-do! Is there any chance you could provide a little tutorial about recovering a headboard? My husband and I just bought a house and love the idea of doing this for my bedroom re-do! sarah r.

  6. That is so nice of you to say Sarah! Did you see the before photo of the headboard? It's under the label "decor". It already had this shape. All I did was staple gun new fabric. First I stapled the tufted part, then I stapled around the edges. Finally I hot glued the ribbon over the staples. You could do the whole thing yourself though, with foam and batting and all. Or find a headboard like mine on craigslist and re-cover yours too :-)