Monday, January 5, 2009

My daughter talks. Miracles do happen.

This morning; Conversations with Ashley

Put this on her, please. (she says, giving me her babydoll and baby's pajamas)

(downstairs with paper and a pen) What's this say, Kelly? (I smile. She's never called me Kelly. She's also never talked like this either though ;-))
I - Love - You (pretending to write I love you)
Help please! Circle! (she wants me to draw a circle on the paper for her. I do)
Sun! (she exclaims about the circle I drew)
L - E - Y (pretending to be writing her name on the paper)

Drink, please! ("do you want a drink?" I ask) Yea. (it's only like the 4th time she's said "yea" or "yes," and all within the last few weeks)
(she throws the cup I give her)
Uh - Oh! Spilled! Sorry! ("It's okay, no throwing please.")

Bounce, bounce, bounce. (holding a soccer ball)
Catch it! Throw it! ... this is broken. ("it's not broken honey")
Watch this! (she throws the ball)
Catch it for you - thank you!

("Ashley, do you want the purple cup or the silver cup?") Purple. Thank you.

Daddy's sleeping. Tell him. ("tell him what?") I spilled. ("that's okay, no spilling")
Here Mommy. (handing me a dish towel for the spill)
It's all gone. (handing me the cup)
Excuse me. (opening the drawer behind me in the kitchen)
What are you doing? ("making cashew milk")

Jewelry box! (picking it up) Look at this! (showing me a necklace)

What are you doing? ("getting you food")
(she points) ("what do you want honey?") A cookie! ("here you go") (they're raw cookies ;-))

Where you going? ("Taking Cherry outside," says Andy) Bye!

-- This talking began a few weeks ago. Prior to this Ashley had a few phrases, like, "what are you doing," and, "where are you going," as well as single words or labeling, and echoing what other people said. We have been using solely biomedical treatments for a year and a half now. Ashley started transdermal DMSA this fall, at age 4. It was the day after her last round of chelation in December when this talking began. Then she got a stomach flu and was sick for a week over Christmas, and silent. The day she felt better, all the speech came right back. This is the first time she has gotten sick and then recovered her progress. She has been healthy and talking again for a week now.

-- Hallelujah!

Happy New Year!

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