Friday, January 30, 2009

the I Love You book

A few days ago, Zoe asked to look through our wedding photo album. I suppose this book may have something to do with that... loosely :-)

She says the guy, on the left, "isn't happy, because he's lonely." The girl, "gets curious about him, so she sends him love." The placement of the girl to the right of the guy, inspired her to write the words, "I love you" backwards, on the second to last page. She drew an arrow to him to further illustrate the point that the girl was sending him love.

Finally, they get married on the last page, with "the flower girls on the left and the people who are invited on the right."

Zoe says her wedding, "Will have a chocolate cake with white frosting, and yellow flowers. The cursive writing will say 'marriage,' and the dress will be holded up without straps, and there will be sparkles all down it. Then I'm going to have a white crown and hair up in a ball. The wedding tables are going to be white with green leaves all around it, and two yellow flowers on the leaves. The chairs will be white leather for them to watch the wedding, and there will be a tea area, where you can get tea. It will be the tea set I got at Christmas, from Santa."

What are you going to eat? "Lasagna. Excuse me, I have to go the bathroom."

Bathroom interlude.

"Okay, what else are you going to ask me?"

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