Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dollhouse Before & After

When Zoe was two years old my parents bought her a Pottery Barn dollhouse with furniture and dolls.

Recently she became interested in playing with it again, but it didn't last very long.

Then the other day I looked at it and thought, "We should really decorate this dollhouse."

But first I decided to seriously clean out the girls bedroom. It was in major need of organization.

Organizing their bedroom took half the day. I had to take everything out, rearrange some furniture, dust, dust, dust, then bring everything back in (well, almost all of it came back). Now their bedroom is beautiful and they love it.

But on to the dollhouse decorating. First Ashley asked me to take her picture (below).

They were so busy enjoying their newly designed bedroom that I left them home (with Andy) and went to Hobby Lobby for pretty papers. The papers were half off and I got them all, plus a couple other things for later dollhouse projects, for only $10.

The trim was pale yellow, and I painted it white. I painted the bottom of all the walls white as well, to create the look of baseboards.

I used tracing paper to make templates of each wall. I cut the tracing paper templates out, then laid them on the decorative paper like a pattern. Then I cut the patterns and used kids glue to glue them to the walls and floors.

The top right room with green wallpaper and gingham floors is the bedroom.

The top left is the bathroom. I love the faux bathroom floor tile :-)

The kitchen/living room floor paper has a wood design, but Zoe thought it was too dark so I gave it a whitewash. Then Zoe painted and glittered a pinecone for a Christmas tree, and I picked up some twigs outside to make a fire in the fireplace. I found a photo of a real fire in a catalog and cut it into pieces for the flames. I also added some gold foil from a Chocolove bar behind the flames.

We have so much more to do, like the front door, curtains (I already cut the fabric, and they're next), and about a million other personal touches :-) I'll keep you posted.

♥, Kelly


  1. I couldn't let this post go 'un-commented' - you did a wonderful job - kudos to a busy mom!
    - A fellow Mom and fan of yours in very rural Manitoba, Canada

  2. Wow, how wonderful! You're making me want to get a nice wood dollhouse (or have the hubby make one) and then deck it out. I'm impatient with measuring but I might be convinced to do it if it ended up looking so charming at the end.