Monday, August 2, 2010

late July

July and August are so hot in Longmont, Colorado. I think the average has been around 90 degrees. The girls like to pour water on themselves and each other to stay cool.

My favorite thing to eat, as you may know if you follow The Spunky Coconut, has been yogurt. Oh my goodness... I've developed a recipe using cashew milk and I am obsessed with it.

Sometimes I pour the yogurt into the ice cream machine for frozen yogurt, like this.

The past couple weeks we've been getting late afternoon showers. The temperature drops, the wind kicks up, it's so very nice. Ashley and Zoe like to play in the rain. I think Ashley is naked under this rain coat above :-)

I didn't plant sunflower seeds, but there were some in the bird seed, hanging from our porch. The birds scattered the seeds in our yard. What a nice surprise this was :-)

I don't know what I love more: Growing food in the garden, eating the food we grow in the garden, or looking at the pretty food we grow in the garden...

Did you know the girls' birthdays are July 21 and July 29th? I don't know if it's wrong of me, but their birthdays make me sad. I wish they could stay children forever. They never know that I'm sad though—I don't let it show. This photo of them blowing out the candles is one of my favorite photos ever.

Zoe looked so beautiful in this dress that she picked out with her birthday money, and her hair up, brushing water on a rock. I had to take a picture. She's crazy about this rock. At night I put it back with the other rocks so I don't trip on it, and every day she takes it back out again. I love it.

Next time I post, we'll be in the mountains in upstate New York :-)

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