Sunday, May 16, 2010

this weekend around the neighborhood

One of our absolute favorite things to do is go to the local plant center, The Flower Bin. I feel like I'm dreaming every time we walk into the greenhouse full of flowers as far as the eye can see, hanging from the ceiling all around, and covering table after table in glorious colorful rows.

We picked out a couple lovely tiny purple flowers, one cotton-like lavender flower, and some celery green Creeping Jenny to trail over the edges.

We planted the flowers yesterday, as soon as be got back from buying them. Zoe and Ashley were so excited.

I also got my wish for a double jogger last night. After a couple weeks of squeezing both girls into the single passenger jogger, I wanted to upgrade. The girls didn't mind cuddling up, Ashley in Zoe's lap, but it did limit what they could do while riding. Zoe can hardly go five minutes without writing something, and it wasn't exactly easy to do in there =)

So I went on Craigslist, and found this double jogger for a great price. I emailed the owner, she called me 15 minutes later, and within an hour we had gone to her house, 10 minutes away, and bought it from her. Awesome.

First thing this morning the girls and I couldn't wait to try out our new, used wheels =) Andy came with us, and we took the path behind our house, which leads to a cute little coffee shop.

Along the way we saw a mama duck and her 6 baby duckling in the creek.

Under the bridge were a ton of swallows.

Purple wild flowers

White wild flowers (they smell so good)

Light through the trees on the creek

We have a ton of prairie dogs in the open space, and they announce your presence to each other with lots of chirping. Zoe and Ashley like to say, "Hello prairie dogs!"

I look at these pictures and I have to pinch myself to make sure it's real—I can't believe I get to live here =)


  1. oooh beautiful photos! The double jogger is such a necessity! Yours is beautiful. And I used to love to go to the flower bin and just browse. They have such beautiful hanging baskets. Planting is such a fun project for the kids. We just planted tomatoes, basil, dill, parsley, sage and thyme. (no rosemary hee hee) And a special thing for the kids, we planted watermelon.

  2. LOL...I'd have to pinch myself too, Kelly. Awesome part of the world you're in!

  3. Hopefully one day we can come visit you there and experience the beauty of where you live "in person". In the meantime, I must content myself with checking in on your blog from time to time.

    I am glad you and Andy are living your dream and that your dream of Ashley talking is coming true. Hooray for big sisters who make little sisters interested in everything they do!

    Dhasa R.