Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fancy Zoe and Ashley

Zoe and Ashley are really into Fancy Nancy books right now. Andy's aunt gave one to Zoe last summer I think, and they've been hooked ever since :-) Both girls spend hours studying the pictures and reading the books. They also pretend to be Fancy Nancy:

And Zoe decided to do copywork of one Fancy Nancy book:

Yesterday Zoe got her costume on, made a kind of a nest with smocks on the floor in the pantry, turned on the pantry light, shut the door, and asked me to "Please set the timer for 20 minutes." She set to work copying her Fancy Nancy book, as seen above. When the timer went off she came out dramatically with a, "Phew! Now I can take a break! Mommy, can I please have mint tea with honey and almond milk?" Cracks me up.

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