Saturday, October 10, 2009

first snow of the season

We had snow today, and it wasn't even coat weather a few days ago -that's the Front Range for you. Totally erratic, totally unpredictable. Our first winter here, it snowed every 4 days. Then last winter it snowed maybe 3 times total where we live, and it was really warm. We're hoping this winter will be like our first :-)

I'm so excited I found Ashley these matching snow pants (with bib) and coat on Ebay, used, for 25 dollars. They're in great shape, and might even fit again next year. Zoe is still wearing a hand-me-down snow pants, and not too happy about it, but she got to get new snow boots, because she outgrew her last pair. I found her coat on clearance years ago, and it was pretty big at first, but she's grown into it. If it still fits again next year, that will be 4 years she's used it!

They spent the day outside for the most part, with our neighbor, Abi, who is 9. Only when they got hungry did they come inside. Abi was a big fan of my chicken meatloaf, a real boost to my confidence, since neither of mine like meatloaf. We also had salad with GF toast, cut finely like croutons, salami, goat cheese, hemp seeds and I made some honey mustard vinaigrette. The salad was a hit all around. ...Why am I blogging about food here, and not on The Spunky Coconut? LOL


  1. That must be Cherry in her coat! too cute!

    Cute snow suit for Ashley! I just got one for Sophie, last week, at REI on cleareance for $16. They have good deals sometimes.

    We played in the snow this morning too. But then Matt and Sophie started to feel sick. I'm not sure what it is, but they are both sleeping now. I hope they feel better when they wake up.

  2. Hey, looks like they're enjoying the snow. I miss the summer, but it looks like you all are having fun in that weather. Miss you all!