Sunday, August 30, 2009

Breckenridge weekend trip

Friday night we were eating dinner when I said to Andy, "Lets go away this weekend." Without missing a beat, Andy replied, "Alright. Where?" Twenty minutes later we had looked online, and decided to visit Breckenridge. I can't believe we've been here almost 2 years, and never been to Breckenridge, until now.

This may be my favorite picture of Zoe -ever! She's standing in front of some poppies at a park in downtown Breckenridge. We brought gluten-free bread, almond butter and jelly with us to Breckenridge, and had picnic sandwiches for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. -A great way to save money.

This restaurant had the most petunias I have EVER seen in one place. We didn't eat there, we just admired the flowers :-)

Zoe took this one of Andy and I.

As much as I love camping, we decided to treat ourselves to a lodge Saturday night in Breckenridge. It recently changed ownership, and needs just a little TLC, so it was a great deal. Check out the view from our room!

I loved the shutters, wicker and wood beams in the ceiling.

Another view from our room.

On one of the decks.

Gluten-free dinner at Mi Casa. The girls and I shared salads and Andy got fajitas with corn tortillas. The complimentary salsas were some of the best I've ever tasted.

Outside on our patio this morning. It was so chilly! But awesome!

Cherry taking a short break from her busy day.

We played Monopoly in the lobby Saturday night, and this morning we read books there.

It was so beautiful, and so cozy, we never wanted to leave! I hope they keep the lobby exactly the way it is!


  1. Wow! Love the pictures! We've been here for longer than you and haven't visited Breckenridge yet but we want to. What's the name of the lodge? It looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! It was The Lodge at Breckenridge, or was it The Breckenridge Lodge? Darn, I can't remember! It was super nice for only $115. If it had been a little more fixed up it could have been 100 dollars more!

  3. PS that was for two double beds though. I think the smaller rooms are less than 100.

  4. That's awesome, some of those lodges can cost way way more than that! Breckenridge looks beautiful... we will definitely have to go there soon before the winter crowd starts.

  5. Hi Kelly,

    I came across your blog because your profile says you have interest in SPD. :) But, I stayed because you have a Boston Terrier (I have two--aren't they the BEST!). Good to know another mom out there dealing with the same things I am.

    Take care,

  6. Hi Hartley!

    We moms have to stick together! :-) Going over to check out your blog now.

    Cheers, Kelly