Saturday, June 13, 2009

video of dinner chat

Now that we realized we can video using our camera, we are anxious for everyone to see how much Ashley has improved with her biomedical treatments. Of course, it's hard to get on video, but we're going to try! Here they are at dinner tonight: "mac-n-cheese" otherwise called, Tinkyada noodles with cashew cream sauce :-) As you will see, Ashley thinks that she is having her picture taken, since Andy is using the camera to video her. Although we didn't get much talking in this one, it's pretty impressive that she shows she now can ask questions and answer questions. She's totally present and interacting with us. Go Ashley!

1 comment:

  1. I love the one of Ashley, especially at the end where she smiles really big! So cute! You guys are great and I am so thrilled to see Ashley developing and doing better.

    I'm going to make dinner now, we're having gluten-free pizza. I made Matt this pizza for his birthday last week but I am going to revise it some and post it on my blog. We didn't get to take pictures last time because we ate it too quickly :) *It's not a recipe that I developed myself, I've just tweaked it and I am trying something different to make it more moist*