Sunday, April 26, 2009

boulder fairy parade

We almost forgot about the fairy parade today in Boulder! We were planting in the garden, when Zoe reminded us! Abi and Tori came with us at the last minute, and it was a great time -totally disorganized, great weather, beautiful tulips, very Boulder. ;-)

What do I mean by very Boulder? Well, for starters it was a fairy parade. Complete with grown women, dressed up as fairies, with whom the kids posed for pictures, while they dispensed advise on organic gardening. No one seemed sure where the parade began, though some knew where it ended, and everyone chatted with one another about the confusion. 

Along the way there were street performers. Today's performers were two pairs of pre-teens. The first pair played string instruments beautifully. They had a sign which said they were raising money for music lessons. The next pair had a giant wooden xylophone, about 7 feet long, and each played one end. Their sign said they were raising money to go to South America. 

The tulips were in full bloom, the sun was shining, altogether lovely. When the crowd meandered around between some buildings we followed everyone into a chic hotel, through a very cool looking, open lobby. There was a huge crowd in the conference room on the left, trying to read Peter Pan to the dozens of fairy children sitting in an enormous circle. Outside nothing was going on, but everyone appeared happy and talkative, just taking pictures and enjoying the view of the Flatirons. 

Very Boulder :-)


  1. oh wow.. I would have loved to have taken Sophie!! We weren't doing much yesterday. I didn't know about it. I wonder if they do it more than once a year?

  2. I couldn't find anything about another fairy parade, but there is Boulder's May Days on May 1st through May 3rd. I think we'll go on Sunday the 3rd if the weather is good. We are covered in snow right now, do you have snow too? It's so pretty!

  3. Hey Heather,

    I'm sorry - we totally forgot, and then we were late!

    No we don't really have any snow - Longmont must be another microclimate. Warmer here always. Just rain.

    Love, Kelly

  4. Its ok! I'll have to save the date for next year, it looks like so much fun - all of the little kids in fairy costumes :)

    That is weird Kelly... I guess Longmont is another microclimate! The trees are covered and there is about 3 inches, so not a lot.

    We were going to plant our flowers, herbs and swiss chard today... But I guess not!

  5. Zoe is a born natural fairy! ;-) Ashley is looking more grown up! I loved all the pics, but that one little guy in the striped leggings is too cute.


  6. I love the little guy with the knit booties, leggings and cap! You should have seen him in person - so cute! He looked like he just crawled out of a tree hollow!