Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Ashley B

Age today: 8 years old

What is your favorite thing to do? Riding!

Where is your favorite place to go? Red Frog (Coffee)

What do you like to drink? Coconut juice 

What do you like to eat? Ice cream! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Zoe B

Age today: 10

What is your favorite thing to do? Play with dolls, read, have sleepovers, watch movies.

What are your favorite books? Rainbow Magic, Nancy Drew, Fancy Nancy, Judy Moody, American Girl books

What is your favorite food? Salad, pizza and tacos.

What is your favorite song or CD? Mama Mia, Just Want to Be With You, Beach Boys

What was the best thing you did this year? My surprise birthday party. 

What was the second best thing you did this year? The Laura Ingalls Wilder party.

If you could go anywhere where would you go? Hawaii and Paris

Why? Hawaii is so fun and warm, and Paris is so beautiful and fun.

If you could have any superpower what would it be? To create world peace and make rainbows.

Why? Because I don't like it when people fight in the world, and rainbows are so cheery and I feel happy when I look at them.

If you could have any wish what would it be? To have my very own library and a real piano.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Charlotte's First Mystery, by Zoe Brozyna

Chapter 2: a trip to Florida, and a potential mystery

"What?!" everyone asked. "well.....," said aunt Olivia, "just very wierd things have been happening." "Like what?" Mama asked. "Oh, just things like .......... wellllll....well alright, dogs have been going missing in the town that I live in and I think that there might be a dognaper and....." "Oh Olivia, it sounds like you are just imagining it." Mama replied. Charlotte was uneasy. "But...." aunt Olivia began. "Olivia." Mama began. "Oh, alright, I guess I am really imagining it. Maybe I am just home sick." Then aunt Olivia's face lit up. "Hey", she said. "I've got an idea. How about you guys come visit me for a while? You could stay at the house me and two other girls I know are sharing. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to tell you. Well I couldn't possibly afford a house in florida on my own, so I am sharing it with two other girls, named Elizabeth and Flora Pearl." "Oh can we Mama? Can we Daddy?" Paige asked. Charlotte was wondering the same thing. "Well...." Daddy began, but Charlotte inturupted him. "After my birthday, and my birthday party which is tomorrow of course." She said. "Well..." Daddy said again. "What do you think about this Belle?" He asked Mama. "I think that if you want to go, and if we can get a ticket some time tonight, after the girls go to bed, it would be nice." She smiled. "Well then, lets go!" "Yay! Yay, Yay yay!!!!!!" Charlotte screamed, and Paige echoed her. Mama, Daddy, and aunt Olivia laughed. "Alright now, calm down, calm down. How about you put on the Judy movie movie,...." The girls giggled. "I am sorry the Judy Moody Movie." Mama laughed.

When it was time for Charlotte and Paige to go to sleep at 9:00, Charlotte grabbed her stuffed Bear Cuddles, and climbed up the ladder to her top bunk. Mama and Daddy came in to say good night, and aunt Olivia came in too. Then Daddy turned off the lights and left the room. Soon she could hear the grown-ups laughing and talking down stairs. Charlotte lay in bed for a long time thinking. Finally, she kicked of her blanket, and climbed down the ladder. First, she checked her clock. It was 9:12. She crept over to Paige's bed. She was relived when she saw that Paige was awake too. "Paige", she said. "Paige I have been thinking. I don't think aunt Olivia was imagining those things that she told us about." "What? but..." Paige started the say. "Paige!" Charlotte said. "Are you kidding?! you really think that a grown up would imagine somthing like that?" Paige looked worried. "Hmmm...... I guess you have a point. But how could all those dogs be going missing?" "That," Charlotte said, "is why, I, think that there is a mystery. Somthing scary is going on at the town aunt Olivia is living in."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charlotte's First Mystery, by Zoe Brozyna

Chapter one: Aunt Olivia's arrival 

 Nine year old Charlotte Buttercup sat on her top bunk playing with her dolls.Today she was especially happy, because aunt Olivia was was coming.Her tenth birthday was tomorrow, on monday. Aunt Olivia was was going to be there for her birthday party. My was Charlotte excited! Aunt Olivia always brought such wonderful presents, and she was the most fun grown-up Charlotte knew. Charlotte's older sister Paige, who had just turned twelve four days ago, always agreed. Aunt Olivia was going to come to Paige's party too, but she had had a cold at the time, so she could not come until she was better. Paige said she did not mind this, that she was just glad that aunt Olivia could come now. After a while, Charlotte decided to write in her Journal. This is what she wrote:

 Dear Diary, Today aunt Olivia is coming! I... 

Just then, Mrs. Buttercup called up the stairs,'' girls! time to go! We gotta pick up aunt Olivia from the airport.'' '' Coming Mama!'', both girls called back. Charlotte quickly thrust her Journal in her backpack and ran down the stairs. ''So which airport are we going to again?'' Charlotte asked for the 2nd time. The Buttercup family was in the car, on there way. ''the one in boulder."Paige said.

Charlotte and Paige's parents were in the front seats, Mama driving, Daddy reading the newspaper that he got from Red Frog Coffee. Daddy turned around in his seat to smile at his Daughters."Hmmmm..... I don't think these girls are excited....." "oh daddy we are!"Charlotte exclaimed, not getting her father's joke. And she said it the same time as mama laughed, and Paige shouted,"we're here!!!" Charlotte jumped in surprise. She hadn't noticed.

When they got inside, Charlotte looked around. She didn't see anybody but strangers. After a few minutes, Mama suddenly called out, "Olivia! over here!" Charlotte and paige spun around. There, walking towards them and laughing, was aunt Olivia! Once she was where the Buttercup family was standing, she huged and kissed everyone. There was lots of "oh!"s and "I'am so happy your here!"s.

When they got home, aunt Olivia got out two sparkly gift bags from her red duffel bag. She handed charlotte a yellow one, and paige a violet one. "oh, oh, oh!" Charlotte cried out in delight. In her bag was a Care girls doll, a box of twistables crayans, and a Nancy drew mystery book. Paige had a book too, and a mood necklace, and a pencil set with butterflies and shiny swirls on them. Aunt Olivia smiled."I am very glad you like them. But that is not all. The other present is for you to to share. Its a Judy Moody movie!" The two sisters howled with delight at that.

At supper Aunt Olivia put her pizza down after taking a bite. Charlotte was confused."don't you like it aunt Olivia? I thought you said pizza was your favorite food." "oh yes, yes my dear, I do love pizza. But........alright I have some good news for you! I moved to florida! but........ oh well I suposse I should just get it over with................I have some very bad news...................."