Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy birthday Zoe & Ashley

Today we had a small tea party with a few friends to celebrate Zoe's 7th and Ashley's 5th birthdays. It was a small tea party because (and I say this with nothing but love) my house is very tiny :-) If I could have figured out how to swing a tea party at a park, where we could invite all of our friends, I would have! Maybe next year Zoe will request a playground or pool party, so we aren't limited by space. Or maybe we'll just have to have another party in a week or two, outside somewhere :-)

Making a banner.

Tea party and cake time.

Duck Duck Goose, followed by Red Light Green Light and Simon Says.

Making jewelry.

Listening to Happy Birthday to You, by Dr. Seuss.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

kitchen backsplash!

I decided to put up a glass backsplash this weekend. Well, I decided a week ago, and I did it this weekend :-) It wasn't very difficult to do, but it was very hard work. My shoulders are super sore, and my arm muscles may have doubled in size ;-) Although the installing took many hours more than grouting, I think it was actually easier. Anyone else who's done a project like this -Which did you prefer?

Here is the kitchen before, only three sheets up on the wall.

After finishing the first row.

One and a half rows.

All the tile is up, next comes the grout...

Phew! Grouting done! I need a back massage!

After a good scrub, I put all my stuff back. Yeah!

A close up of the tile. I like it so much. It's a random pattern of clear and frosted glass.

We are so proud that we went around the angled window trim. Andy found this cool tool to cut the glass. It was really fun getting the perfect piece to fit.

And the other side of the window. Next project: the half bathroom...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Visit, Summer '09

Thank you Marcie and Bob for coming to visit us! We love you!

Eating my Vanilla Bean Cake (see the spunky coconut for the recipe).

Happy Birthday Bob!
"I can't understand how this is beans..." LOL

Eldorado Springs

Boulder Farmers Market